社是『人の和』 社是『人の和』

Management Principles

We will provide to humanity electrothermal application products that replace fire, something that is an absolute necessity. Our motto shall be "even more assured products," and we will strive to manufacture in its purest form. Placing an importance on people and being kind to the environment, we will create an abundance of values and richness in culture. We will work to ensure the stability of the lives of people throughout the world, and through our own happiness and the happiness of those that use our products we will contribute to a society that seeks "an even more 'SURE' tomorrow."

Vision for 10 Years from Now

We must be a company in which our customers think: "Wonderful, well done, so easy to use, I'm happy, this is fun, I love it, I'm so lucky" when using our products.

We must also have a corporate culture in which all employees make earnest efforts of their own accord, increase value together, become professionals, and be able to think: "Wonderful, well done, I'm happy, this is fun, I love it, I'm so lucky" towards customers, fellow workers and the company.Professionals never give up, they continue to improve, better and reform things- and they always continue to leave behind results.

Professionals also teach difficult topics simply, they take that which is simple to a deep level, they spread information on deep things widely, and they continue doing things widely for a long time.

Compliance Declaration

Management for "Harmony of People"

In recent years there has been an increasing tendency towards demands on companies regarding their social responsibilities and public missions.The "people" in our corporate motto "Harmony of People" refers to people that are continually aware that the most important social responsibility is to carry out one's business while strictly adhering to laws and social norms.The managerial positioning of officers and employees created by the "Harmony of People" is that of construction of fair and impartial transactions, which will lead to the fulfillment of social responsibilities and missions. Furthermore, we believe that in doing this we gain the trust of our transactioning partners, sales outlets and users, and can achieve a good social reputation.
The Compliance Manual provided here are the basic rules that must be adhered to without exception by all officers and employees.
We officers and employees declare that we will act based on our Code of Conduct and Compliance Rules.

This significance of our existence is widely known throughout our company. With our goal being a high level of trust and reliance on our work, it expresses the structure of the actions of all officers and employees.

Based upon considerations such as the structure of our corporate management, our corporate culture, and the consciousness of our officers and employees, our company must work on total and drastic reforms, including measures for latent topics. In order to fulfill our role as a manufacturer that plans and develops products, the basis of our management to give the highest priority to compliance in all work operations. The three pillars of our company are: (1) do not be unfair, (2) do not allow unfairness, and (3) do not hide unfairness. While conducting drastic reconsiderations of issues such as our intra-company structure and rules, every employee and officer will under the initiative of those officers work to ensure that a "compliance first" thinking takes root in the consciousness of every employee and in the corporate culture.

Regardless of our employment rank or the contents of our jobs, whether we are officers or employees, we are all equal; with devotion we resolutely swear to proactively adhere to the laws and rules related to this manual and our work, and to create an even more highly transparent and ethical organizational culture.

Ishizaki Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd
President and Representative Director

Hiroaki Ishizaki