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Quality Policy

The concept of quality continuously providing an "even more assured products" is tied to the guarantee of customers succeeding in their work. In being useful to our customers and receiving their gratitude, we feel our employees are able to find joy in their work, which allows for the creation of an environment in which real motivation mounts.
Our quality policy is to create this good cyclical policy and really contribute to society. For this purpose, our company has established the "SURE Quality Management System" based on international ISO standards. This system is continuously improved upon and maintained.

Our Vision for Quality,
its Goal and the Activities Guidelines

1. Our Vision for Quality in Regards to Our Employees

All employees must become professionals, creating "even more assured products," make correct decisions based not on profit and loss but rather on right and wrong. Our company must be one that provides and shares the joys of work.
We will conduct internal audits and improve upon the appropriateness of the Quality Management System. Our company will work as one to plan, develop, manufacture, quality manage and provide economical and rational products that please our customers.

2. Our Vision for Quality in Regards to Our Products

Quality must always continue to result in an "even more assured products" with functionality and performance exceeding expectations.
Prices must be satisfactory.
Delivery must be as promised.
In order for the SURE Quality Management System to fulfill these requirements, SURE QMS is regularly reviewed. Additionally, thorough familiarization is conducted to ensure that efforts to continually maintain and improve on the above three items are not lacking.

3. Our Vision for Quality in Regards to Our Customers

We must ensure the success of our customers' work through "even more assured products," and continue to receive the gratitude of our customers for being a useful company.
In order for our Quality Management System to fulfill social requirements and satisfy our customers, all of our employees continually and assuredly carry our improvements and reforms. We perform maintenance management of our activities for total safety, and promote the aim of further betterment.